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Banks, auditors, notaries, lawyers, manage your cyber risk and that of your ecosystem

Manage a major risk and secure your financing grants

Cybersecurity is today the number one risk for companies and organizations.
Security Rating® allows banks to integrate the cyber maturity of their clients in their risk analysis.

Secure financing grants

Security Rating® helps you to evaluate a major risk in terms of functional (paralysis of information systems, damage to reputation) and financial (operating losses, possible ransom costs, expertise costs...) terms. This cyber audit allows you to secure your lending procedures.

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Expand your range of services to your customers

Security Rating® enables banks to offer ever more effective support. Support your customers in securing their IT structure, prepare them for the new management challenges, and become their number one partner.

Prepare for a future standard

By creating an ecosystem of trust, this cyber rating can become a new standard in business relationships. With Security Rating®, anticipate change and support your customers' transformation.

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Be your customers' cybersecurity watchdog

Auditors have a major responsibility and a professional obligation to fight against cybercrime. Security Rating® helps them to ensure their duty to detect internal and external fraud and to alert their clients in case of a threat to their business continuity.

Assess the cybersecurity risks for your clients

Several professional standards justify the new role of statutory auditors with regard to cybersecurity: detection of internal or external fraud (NEP 240), assessment of cybersecurity risks (NEP 911), alert role in case of threat to the business continuity of the audited company (NEP 570). Thanks to Security Rating®, increase your detection and alert capacities.

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Strengthen your prevention and referral capabilities

With Security Rating®, quickly assess the level of exposure of a company to various risks: data, service or product compromise, extortion, fraud, business interruption. Provide an instant diagnosis that executives can understand and share with their cyber teams immediate operational recommendations.

Become a major player in ESG policy in companies

Cybersecurity is now part of the ESG benchmark, as it is part of good governance standards - operational risk management, data protection, social factors related to reputational risks. Cyber maturity is now a key evaluation lever for companies. With Security Rating®, you have a new tool for extra-financial certification of companies.

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Reduce your exposure to cyber risk and protect your customers' data

The digital transformation of the notary's office is accompanied by an increase in cyber attacks. Security Rating® allows notary offices to manage these risks and improve their cyber performance.

Assess and manage cyber risks

With the increasing dematerialization of documents and exchanges with clients, notary offices are increasingly targeted by cyber attacks. Attempted fraud, identity theft, website defacement... these attacks can permanently damage their reputation and be lethal. Assess and manage these risks continuously to improve your cyber performance.

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Build an ecosystem of trust with your customers

Data storage is now a key issue for the profession, whether it be electronic authentic instruments or the notarial blockchain. Demonstrate to your clients a true cyber maturity to be a real legal and technological trusted third party.

Protect your customers' data and trust

Because they handle a growing volume of strategic and confidential data, law firms are increasingly targeted by cyber attacks. Security Rating® helps them secure their cyber space and ecosystem.

Strengthen your practice's IT security

The increasing digitalization of exchanges leads lawyers to process and store an exponential volume of confidential data. Security Rating® allows you to continuously assess your firm's exposure to cyber risks: monitoring, hacking, data leakage and ransomware. With the cyber rating, it also allows you to situate your firm among your peers.

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Keep and strengthen your customers' trust

Lawyers embody a trusted third party for their clients who entrust them with health data, financial information, power of attorney rights, etc. The security of this information is under constant threat from targeted cyber attacks. Take back control of cyber risks and build a relationship of trust with your clients.

Ensure your cyber defense

Industrial espionage, theft of strategic data in a dispute, cybercriminals are looking for this information for their own use or for resale. They can also change the recipient account of a transfer, corrupt information or destroy evidence. Security Rating® helps you reduce these cyber risks.

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