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Security Rating®: Protect data security and ensure continuity of public services

Cyber attacks are becoming more and more frequent and can paralyze administrations for weeks. With the increasing dematerialization of public services, cybersecurity has become a major issue of trust with citizens and an issue of national sovereignty. Local authorities must constantly evaluate and reinforce the security of their information systems.

Manage and strengthen your cybersecurity

The local authority dashboard offers a synthetic presentation that facilitates the management of your cyber risk. Data, services, systems and infrastructures need to be protected... The recommendations allow you to identify key actions and gain in efficiency.

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Create an "observatory" and make your entities aware of the cyber risk

The multi-community dashboard allows a territory to visualize, raise awareness and support the entities that make it up. It allows to quickly launch remediation campaigns on recurring vulnerabilities within the territory.

Participate in national cyber defense

The summary and detailed reports allow discussions to be guided by elements that are comparable and intelligible to all. Communes, departments, regions, share a common cyber rating system and participate in a common cyber defense of the territory.

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