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Security Rating®: evaluate the cyber performance of your subsidiaries and create a trusted ecosystem with your suppliers

Digital transformation is accelerating, increasing the cyber risk exposure of companies and their subcontracting and supply chains. CISOs and procurement departments must continuously monitor the cyber security of their subsidiaries and their ecosystem.

Continuously monitor the cyber performance of your subsidiaries

Security Rating® allows an objective and continuous monitoring of the performance of each subsidiary. You can also share with them the best practices and recommendations proposed by Security Rating®.

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Assess and continuously improve your suppliers' cyber posture

Security Rating® is the assurance to objectively and continuously observe the cyber risk exposure of your suppliers or future partners without consent. This risk mapping is a key element of Third-party Risk Management (TPRM).

Make cyber risk understandable to your board

Security Rating® gives you an accurate view of your ecosystem's cyber performance. Your board will be able to make the right decisions regarding risk management and compliance with European (DORA, NIS 2) and French cyber security laws and regulations.

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