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Security Rating®: manage the cyber risk of your investments

Cybersecurity is a key component of a company's value and cyber risk their #1 financial risk. Every investment fund must manage this risk and help its holdings improve their cyber performance.

Follow your portfolio continuously

Security Rating® continuously analyzes the cyber performance of each of your holdings and creates a dashboard for optimal portfolio monitoring.

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Measure the risk of your future investments

Security Rating® offers an objective and non-intrusive "one shot" rating of an organization's cyber performance. With this cyber audit, which allows you to evaluate a future participation without asking for its consent, you complete your due diligence with a cyber component that is now essential.

Support your portfolio companies on cyber risk

Cybersecurity is now an integral part of the ESG framework, as it is part of good governance standards - operational risk management, data protection, social factors related to reputational risks. Beyond cyber rating, Security Rating® encourages your companies to improve their performance by sharing best practices, recommendations and priority actions.

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