Security Rating®: evaluate your cyber performance and give confidence to your ecosystem

SMEs have become ideal targets for cybercriminals. Faced with this increase in attacks, their ecosystem (bankers, insurers, purchasing managers of large accounts, auditors) requires proof of cyber maturity. As an SME manager, it is time for you to accurately manage your company's cybersecurity.

Evaluate your cyber performance objectively

Security Rating® allows you to rate, on a continuous basis, your organization's cyber performance on 6 areas of analysis. This rating, based on publicly available data on the Internet, objectively tells you how cybercriminals perceive your maturity.

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Identify and prioritize actions to improve your cybersecurity

Security Rating® offers you its dashboard and targeted recommendations, to help you identify key actions and gain time and efficiency in improving your cybersecurity. Our synthetic and visual rating encourages managers to take ownership of cyber risk management.

Give your partners confidence

Security Rating® is the solution to objectively prove to your ecosystem the cyber maturity of your organization. You will be able to continuously monitor your performance with Security Rating® and turn the rating into a competitive advantage.

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