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Security Rating®: buy cyber insurance at the best conditions

Access conditions to cyber insurance have become more complex. Applicant companies must prove their cyber maturity with the support of their broker. ​

Insurers and brokers, evaluate a company efficiently

Security Rating® offers a "one shot" and non-intrusive rating that allows to objectively evaluate a company, without asking for its consent. This cyber assessment can be completed with specific questionnaires on security needs and cyber maturity assessment.

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Brokers, help your clients and prospects to take out cyber insurance in the best conditions

Security Rating® offers a continuous, synthetic rating, enriched with priority actions to improve cyber performance and facilitate insurance underwriting. Initiate new contacts with the non-intrusive "one shot" rating, and add sought-after value to your offer.

Insurance managers and risk managers: help your company take out or renew its cyber insurance

Beyond the cyber rating, Security Rating® helps you improve your cyber performance through best practices, recommendations and priority actions. Strengthen your risk management policy and optimize the access conditions and rates of a cyber insurance

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