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  1. Notation Security Rating®
    - Each company has access to a daily updated rating (from 0 to 1000) and evaluation based on 6 areas of analysis (rating from A to E).
    NB: The rating can be done automatically without interaction with the organisation in question. 
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Completion of our standard questionnaires gives you a rating, allowing you to assess:

  • the security needs of your organisation or ecosystem​
  • the cyber maturity of your organisation or ecosystem​

Upon request, we can also:

  • offer additional questionnaires, e.g. GDPR, PCI DSS, or NIST​
  • integrate your own questionnaires​
6 areas of analysis
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Attack Surface
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Security Control​
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Detected Security Incidents​


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  • Dashboard
    - View your rating by area of analysis
  • - Understand the history and day-to-day evolution of your rating
  • - Visualise the company's rating alongside key criteria
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  • Downloadable reports
    - Download a summary report, which includes the overall assessment, dashboard, and domain-specific analysis to evaluate the cyber risk with your board
  • - Download detailed reports with observables, recommendations and levels of importance in order to help the ISS team improve its cyber performance
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  • Mapping
    - Verify and update the company's scope of analysis 
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  • Timeshift functions
    - Access to every rating that we have generated for a continuous visualisation of your progress
    - Download reports from any key dates

To manage the cyber risk of your ecosystem.​

Suppliers, partners, participations... our solution includes a multi-organisation view.​

Video - Multi-company dashboard - Board of Cyber
Overall performance
  • -Manage the cyber performance of your ecosystem
  • - View the performance of all your evaluations at a glance
  • - Compare each company in your portfolio with other operators in their industry
  • - Focus on the company being assessed with a single click

Performance by domain analysis​
  • - Visualise how your ecosystem is performing based on each specific area of analysis using company distribution by rating from A to E.
  • - Zoom in on each area of analysis to identify the companies most at risk, the level of severity and the observables for each company.
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  • Filter system
    - Filter the ratings of your ecosystem by subscription type, by sector, by vision or by tag, and access the data you are looking for in one click.


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  • Priorities and areas for improvement
    - View the number of assets assessed and those at risk under each area of analysis, as well as a colour-coded summary dashboard to quickly determine current status and priorities.
  • - Access the level of criticality indicated for each problem identified. 
  • - ZZoom in on areas for improvement by selecting either a view by asset at risk or by control point
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